Fifth Grade Mrs. Dettmann

Welcome to our classroom website!  This site was designed to help keep families updated on our accomplishments throughout the year as well as share important information about our classroom. 


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Assignments: December 2, 2021 A
Religion: mass tomorrow - chapter 4 test next week

Reading:  RACE for Blancaflor - test on it tomorrow
Language: Possessive Nouns - test tomorrow

Spelling: Study Unit 2 Week 4 - test tomorrow
Math: nothing
Science: nothing
SS: nothing


100 minutes due tomorrow
ALL Band tomorrow

Math: 9JR

Reading: KWD

Language: KRX, BME, D83





Welcome to 5th Grade!

About Me

My name is Melanie Dettmann, and I am entering my 14th year of education with this year marking my 9th year teaching at St. Mary School.  I graduated from Buena Vista University with a degree in Elementary Education, and I have endorsements in Reading and Middle School Education.  My husband, Chris, and I live in Humboldt with our three children. Kailee is a senior at Humboldt High School, and she attended St. Mary School for all of her elementary years. Corey is a 9th grader at Humboldt High School, and Laina is entering 6th grade at St. Mary School.  In my free time, I enjoy getting camping with my family, and spending time outdoors.

Classroom Management

I am a strong believer in a learning “community”. Students are the key part to the overall growth.  In order to foster a loving, positive environment, the following rules and guidelines are set in place:

  1. Treat others as you want to be treated.

  2. Listen when others are speaking.

  3. Respect others’ space and things.

  4. Be prepared to learn.

  5. Respect others’ learning.

My philosophy for learning expectations is positive and consistent.  I believe that expectations should be clearly stated.  When classroom learning expectations are consistent, students will find success.


Homework assigned in 5th grade is merely an extension of the skills we learn and use during the school day.  Most homework a child will have will be things not finished during class or work time in school.  By 5th grade, students should be able to spend about 50 minutes a night on homework (10 min./grade level).  Clearly, that  will not happen often, but could be expected at times.  Examples of homework your child may have are:

*reading minutes (to be logged) *spelling practice            *math Home Links

*rereading stories from texts (can be logged as reading minutes) *vocabulary or reading response questions

Assignment Books

Students will be using their assignment books daily.  We will record work daily, and the students will check things off as they are finished.  Please help your child by checking it on a nightly basis and signing by that day.  

I am so excited for this school year!  Thank you for trusting me with your child.  Our year will be filled with many adventures.  Please feel free to call the school or email with me any questions or concerns.  

Mrs. Dettmann