Fourth Grade Mrs. Nokes

Welcome to the 4th Grade!

I am so happy to be starting a new school year.  I pray that with all the new changes that we can make this a successful year.

On this page you will find homework assignments, spelling words, and any other special announcements.

If 4th graders are wanting extra practice, they can check out IXL, Xtramath, Epic, or ConnectEd.

Assignments for September 29, 2020
Math- p. 25
Reading- p. 41
Spelling- Test Friday; p. 26-27 
Religion- Test Thursday
Social Studies- p. 52 # 2 and 3; Read p. 53

*Read 100 minutes per week
*Multiplication flashcards

Spelling Words:  Pretest  9/28  Test 10/2
bolt, mold, toll, shadow, flow, mows, lower, blown, quote, mole, stone, stove, chose, sole, stole, goal, groan, load, roasting, woe
Review: kite, fright, climb
Challenge: coaster, motor