Fourth Grade Mrs. Nokes

Welcome to 4th Grade!

Recorders will be on Fridays!

On this page you will find homework assignments, spelling words, and any other special announcements.

In the 4th Grade class we could use some art supplies.  Here is a list of the things we could use:


-Tissue paper- various colors

-Cotton balls


-Foam- various colors


-White glitter



-Puzzle pieces

-Egg Cartons- not styrofoam

-Plastic water bottles

-Tin cans- any size

-Soda pop tabs

-Pom poms

-Hot glue gun sticks


If 4th graders are wanting extra practice, they can check out IXL, Xtramath, Epic, or ConnectEd.

Assignments for May 5, 2022
    IXL codes: 
Reading- p. 537 #1
Grammar- Sentence
Spelling- Test 
Social Studies- p. 146 #3, Virginia page due Mon.

*Read 100 minutes per week

Spelling Words:  Pretest 4/25  Test 4/29
wireless, sunny, furry, really, hairy, barely, tasteless, handful, lifeless, fitness, hopefully, happiness, fullness, sorrowful, gently, sickness, joyfully, aimless, breathless, certainly 
Review: disappoint, nonfat, misnumber 
Challenge: superbly, successfully