Free Hot Lunch

Free Hot Lunch
Free Hot Lunch

Hot Lunches Are Free Again This Year!

The hot lunch program will again offer free lunches to all K-6 students for the 2021-22 school year. Students will be charged for seconds on the meal, as well as seconds on milk. Students bringing cold lunch and taking a carton of milk will also be charged for it on their lunch account. Milk will be free when part of the regular hot lunch meal.

Ala Carte at St. Mary’s!

This year we will offer a new option to all students eating lunch at school. There will be ala carte options available at each meal. Some items provided will include fresh fruit, whole grain chips, cereal bars, beef sticks, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, etc. These items are offered in addition to the school meal served, as well as to students who bring cold lunch. They will not serve as a meal in itself. Items served ala carte may be purchased for .75 each, and will be billed on the student lunch accounts. Food items will vary day to day, and we hope students will enjoy choosing from the alternatives offered in addition to their regular meal!


Lunch and Snack Charges for the 2021-22 School Year

Student Hot Lunch: Free

Student milk with cold lunch or seconds:  $ .80

Seconds from hot lunch:  $ .85

Ala Carte items:  $ .75 each

Visitor or Staff Lunch:  $ 3.90 per person

(Snack fees are not included in the free hot lunch guidelines)

PreSchool Yearly snack fee (2 and 3 day session): $45.00 year

PreKindergarten Monthly Snack Fee: $12.00 a month / $108.00 year

Kindergarten Monthly Snack Fee: $15.00 a month / $135.00 year